Dura Matz - Our story.

Fish all day with Dura MatzLet me tell you a little bit about the history of Dura Matz.  A friend of mine purchased a new boat that had a padded deck.  I thought it was nice but I wasn't going to go buy a new boat just for the added comfort.  I thought on it and one morning and at 4 a.m. I told my wife I had an idea.  With trial and error and using my friends as guinea pigs, we came up with Dura Matz.  The original idea was a customized mat that fits on the fishing deck over your existing carpet.  It's secured in a way that it looks like it came from the factory but simple enough to remove if needed.  When we started 3 years ago, that was what the plan was, to make this "mat".  The more anglers we showed it to, they told us we needed to think about having it patented.  So we did..... long and expensive process, however, as of December 5, 2017 Dura Matz is PATENTED! But Dura Matz is much more that just a "mat".  With this product, we can customize a portion or entire boat.  Which is what we typically do based on the comfort needs of the angler.  

What is Dura Matz?  Dura Matz is a 3/8" neoprene closed cell foam that is custom cut to fit your boat.  Each piece is hand cut with beveled edges to allow your boxes to open and close properly and allow you to stand, sit, and kneel in maximum comfort.  The padding is adhered to the boat and then marine carpet is then adhered to the padding.  Is a dual process so it is a little more time consuming but the benefits are unbelievable.  

When you fish all day, especially as you get a little seasoning on you,  your back, legs, feet and ankles get tired pretty quick.  This padding is not compressed from bits and pieces of padding.  It's of good quality.  The neoprene is like walking on air.  As we say, "Once you stand on it, you won't fish without it.  It's that comfortable."  The quality of padding makes all the difference.  Consistently, we hear from our customers that they can fish longer.  Their backs and legs don't hurt and ache.  Many of our customers say that they now fish barefooted.  I say go for it.... but those hooks hurt so be careful!!  

Process:  When you bring your boat to us to have customized with Dura Matz, it is stripped.  All of your existing carpet and glue is removed, your lids are cleaned and the process begins.  The neoprene is then hand cut for each box and section of boat that is to be customized.  Then marine carpet is adhered.  If you choose to only customize a portion, that's fine too, we can simply put carpet on the remaining portion of the boat.  Honestly 98% of our customers customize the entire boat.  We try to keep it affordable so our customer, the angler can afford it.  

Turn Around:  Typically we ask for 2 weeks.  We generally work on at night after our regular jobs, but it's well worth the wait.  I promise you.

Do It Yourself Mat:  This is a sheet of neoprene with marine carpet adhered.  It's appx 42x72, made with the same materials.  You create a template of your fishing deck, cut your mat to fit, attach your edging and then your mat to your deck with easy to follow instructions, and you have the same comfort and a fraction of the price.